The cable blowing machine comprising of an air box and cable pusher has been designed to provide an effective and safe method of fiber optic cable installations.

The system installs fiber optic cable of 4-12mm / 9-14 mm / 14-18 mm / 18-22 mm overall diameter at up to 80m/min into pre-installed sub-ducts, employing the viscous drag compressed air principle.

The compressed air is fed into the sub-duct, and the compressed air powered cable feed system controls the fiber optic cable. The mechanical  control system provides read out of distance.

The cable-blowing unit can be detached from the trolley unit and located in a trench or man-hole (depending on the size of the manhole).





MINIFOK  4-8 mm  / 8- 12 mm

Minifok machine is working with air. Using pneumatic motors

FOK  9-14 mm / 14- 18 mm

Minifok machine is working with air. Using pneumatic motors

HIDROFOK 9- 14 mm /14-18 mm / 18-22 mm

Hidrofok machine is working with presurized hydraulic oil. Using hydraulic motors

Cable Size: 4 – 12mm / 9-14 mm /14-18 mm Outer Diameter.

Sub – Duct Size: 8 – 50mm Outer Diameter.



Air Hose Bore :  25.4 mm (1 inch)

Operating Pressure: 12 bar

Flow: The air supply should be filtered, cooled and dehumidified

For Ducts with an Inner Diameter of:

Minimum Flow Acceptable

*0 up to 25mm :   4m³/min         * 26 up to 30mm :  5 m³/min

*31 up to 35mm : 7 m³/min       *36 up to 40mm : 10 m³/min      *41 up to 48 mm : 14 m³/min


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Cable blowing machine market share

The global cable blowing machine market includes comprehensive and insightful information in the report that takes into account various factors such as competition, regional growth, segmentation and size of the cable blowing machine market by value and volume. This is an excellent researchs study specially designed to provide the latest insights on critical aspects of the cable blowing machine market. The report includes various market forecasts related to market size, production, sales, consumption, CAGR, gross margin, price and other key factors. It was created using best-in-class primary and secondary research methods and tools.

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FOK Cable Blowing Machines

Global  Cable Blowing Machine Market includes a complete analysis of the Cable Blowing Machine market that shows the current market situation. It provides for the growth of market size and market share in the forecast period. The report analyzes several factors that are responsible for market expansion and the volume of the cable blowing machine market. It includes the consistent establishment of cable blowing machine market outlines and an overview of the overall market players in the cable blowing machine sectors.

The report includes a full market assessment. In addition, overall historical data, qualitative findings and valid forecasts of the market volume are collected. It helps to complete analysis methods and assumptions. The research report thus acts as a memory for analyzes and information for all aspects of the market. A thorough analysis of the popular trends in the cable blowing machine market, microeconomic information as well as regulations and mandates are part of the knowledge of the study. In this way, the report predicts the attractiveness of each material segment in the 2019-2026 forecast period.

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Cable Blowing

Cable Blowing

The report provides insightful data on key sectors of the global cable blowing machine. The report has segmented the market by its types and uses. Each segment was fully analyzed based on its production, consumption and income. In addition, it is classified based on geographic areas that include: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, and Africas.

The study of the cable blowing machine market provides a complete report of the changing market trends for this market. It offers the market size and the share of each segment in the market. Many companies are active in this market. The top players are fully portrayed in this report.

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Cable Blowing Machine Turkey

Cable Blowing Turkey

Our standard Cable Blowing Machine Turkey production is for 40 mm duct dia. We can produce regulating parts for various diametres.These parts can be used for
less diametres. For higher duct diametres exit box duct diameter must be lathed for your duct diameter.
You will need different regulating parts for different diametres. You must inform your duct diameter with your order. (Our prices doesn’t include regulating parts’ prices)
We have four types of machines for cable diameters.These standard cable diameter ranges are noted below.You must inform your
cable diameter and diameter range with your order.We can send you spare parts for your various cable diameters(pallette etc.).(Our
machine’s price doesn’t include these extra spare parts.)
NOTE: This enumeration (see below) is just for classify. That we can produce our  Cable Blowing Machine Turkey for different cable diametres.

FOK : Fibre Optical Cable blowing machine
CONTROL : By technician
NEEDED AIR : 10.5 bar 12 m³/min.(duct 40 hdp)
AIR ENGINE : Double effective, 740 watt (2 pieces)
NEEDED AIR FOR ENGINES : 6 Bar-1.6m³/min.
LAY DOWN POWER : 80~85 Kg.
DIMENSIONS (width x length x height) : 365mm x 330mm x 540mm

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