Cable Blowing Machine Best Quality

The fiber optic blowing machine is designed under the main premise of maximum functionality. In addition, the machine has been built robustly taking into account the special conditions that sometimes exist in the place where the cable is blown.

The fiber optic blowing machine is a machine that stands out for its efficiency in terms of fiber optic cable blowing as it is able to insert the cable at speeds up to 80m per minute and up to distances of 10km.

In cable blowing machine , optimum results can be obtained with the help of water during the process, especially when installing cables with a larger diameter or blowing long distances.

The fiber optic blowing machine is a very versatile machine as it can be quickly adapted to accommodate different cable and duct sizes.

It has a simple design that makes it an easy-to-use machine. The machine has been designed with the main premise of functionality, making cable blowing easy to perform.

The machine is a very effective cable blowing machine. It can blow cables with a speed of up to 80 m / min.

Cable blowing with air or water: cable blowing with the help of water can achieve optimal results, especially when installing larger cables or blowing long distances.