The cable blowing machine comprising of an air box and cable pusher has been designed to provide an effective and safe method of fiber optic cable installations.

The system installs fiber optic cable of 4-12mm / 9-14 mm / 14-18 mm / 18-22 mm overall diameter at up to 80m/min into pre-installed sub-ducts, employing the viscous drag compressed air principle.

The compressed air is fed into the sub-duct, and the compressed air powered cable feed system controls the fiber optic cable. The mechanical  control system provides read out of distance.

The cable-blowing unit can be detached from the trolley unit and located in a trench or man-hole (depending on the size of the manhole).





MINIFOK  4-8 mm  / 8- 12 mm

Minifok machine is working with air. Using pneumatic motors

FOK  9-14 mm / 14- 18 mm

Minifok machine is working with air. Using pneumatic motors

HIDROFOK 9- 14 mm /14-18 mm / 18-22 mm

Hidrofok machine is working with presurized hydraulic oil. Using hydraulic motors

Cable Size: 4 – 12mm / 9-14 mm /14-18 mm Outer Diameter.

Sub – Duct Size: 8 – 50mm Outer Diameter.



Air Hose Bore :  25.4 mm (1 inch)

Operating Pressure: 12 bar

Flow: The air supply should be filtered, cooled and dehumidified

For Ducts with an Inner Diameter of:

Minimum Flow Acceptable

*0 up to 25mm :   4m³/min         * 26 up to 30mm :  5 m³/min

*31 up to 35mm : 7 m³/min       *36 up to 40mm : 10 m³/min      *41 up to 48 mm : 14 m³/min