Cable Blowing MachineCable Blowing MachineCable Blowing Machine
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Cable Blowing MachineCable Blowing MachineCable Blowing Machine

Cable Blowing Machine Kosmak

The cable blowing machine “Kosmak”, consisting of air box and pusher, was developed to offer an effective and safe method for the installation of microtubes. The system works on the principle of viscosity resistance using compressed air to install the pipes, which are controlled and supported by a belt system.
The tubes are driven with compressed air, which is fed into the channel according to a Venturi principle, while the hydraulically driven belt drive system controls the microtubes. The electronic monitoring system enables speed and distance to be read, protects against channel blockages and has an emergency stop device.
The system is mounted on a robust, height-adjustable tubular steel trolley with corrosion-protected wheels. This allows the device to be rolled around on site. The cable blowing machine system can also be removed from the cart. The petrol-powered power supply unit supplies electricity. The device is CE certified.

Main features

Combined display of length and speed
Hydraulic pressure / air pressure display
Different combinations of tube configurations with interchangeable collets
Adjustable pressure and speed
Auto-stop function with built-in air stone
Single operation
Digital display cable blowing machine and of speed and length
Adjustable chain drive tensioner
Liftable chains for easy tube insertion
System pressure relief valve
Low maintenance
Low noise level

Microtube diameter 7/10/12 mm
Pipe size (outside diameter) 25 – 63 mm
Laying speed (adjustable) 0 – 60 m / min
Max. Air pressure 12 – 15 bar
Dimensions: 905 x 495 x 1295 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 103 kg
scope of delivery

Microtube blowing machine “Tornado”
Hydraulic unit with 2x7m hoses
1 unit – tube bundle kit
1 set of collets
1 set of collets

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