Cable Blowing MachineCable Blowing MachineCable Blowing Machine
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Cable Blowing MachineCable Blowing MachineCable Blowing Machine

Cable Blowing Machine System

Cable Blowing Machine System

A cable pushing machine (fiber blowing system) is a tool designed to store fiber optic cables into telecommunications mechanisms using compressed air or water.

Cable blowing machine (fiber blowing system) includes of the following components:

  • The head, which guarantees the safe installation of the tube, in which the cable will be carried out and the delivery of the medium (air or water) to the tube.
  • A cable inserted into a tube through the head passes through a sealing system that prevents the medium from entering the machine.
  • Belt eater, which moves the cable to the head.
  • Base plate or frame on which the blowing machine subsystems are installed.
  • Cable guide, which is a system of bushes or rolls leading the cable to the blowing head
  • Air or water connections that supply the environment reliably to the blowing machine.
  • Meter counter, which shows the length (sometimes also the speed) of the carried out cable.
  • A control unit that allows you to control the speed of the cable insert and the power of the consumer’s promotion.

Cable blowing machines applicable for cables of external diameter above 10 mm, micro-cable blowing machines for micro-cables of external diameters below 10 mm.

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