FOK Cable Blowing Machines

Global  Cable Blowing Machine Market includes a complete analysis of the Cable Blowing Machine market that shows the current market situation. It provides for the growth of market size and market share in the forecast period. The report analyzes several factors that are responsible for market expansion and the volume of the cable blowing machine market. It includes the consistent establishment of cable blowing machine market outlines and an overview of the overall market players in the cable blowing machine sectors.

The report includes a full market assessment. In addition, overall historical data, qualitative findings and valid forecasts of the market volume are collected. It helps to complete analysis methods and assumptions. The research report thus acts as a memory for analyzes and information for all aspects of the market. A thorough analysis of the popular trends in the cable blowing machine market, microeconomic information as well as regulations and mandates are part of the knowledge of the study. In this way, the report predicts the attractiveness of each material segment in the 2019-2026 forecast period.

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Kosmak’s History On Cable Blowing Machine


Kösmak machine is producing fiber optic cable blowing machines since 1999, firstly started to interest this machines by the request from a big fiber optic cable producer company in Turkey. This fiber optic cable producer company has bought a fiber optic cable blowing machine from a company from abroad.It can be Europa or any other place we do not know exactly,  but this fiber optic cable  producer company did not like this machine and this factory wants from ‘’Kösmak machine’’ to make more efficiently machine. Firstly the problem of this machine is the the material of  the pallets  (Note=pallets are using to push  the fiber optic cable  forward) The material of  the pallets was  iron on the machine  which has comen  from abroad. This iron pallets was making difficulties while cable blowing .When the cable can not go easily in duct  ,this iron belts was taking out the armor on the fiber optic  cable easily because of that fiber optic cable is damaging and needs to take out fiber from duct. Kösmak has changed this iron pallettes to the rubber coated pallettes. This rubber is very special to not to make any harmful while the cable blowing into the duct , after making this rubber coated pallettes to the fiber optic cable blowing machine ,which has comen from abroad ,This fiber optic cable producer company want Kösmak to make a new machine.This company did not want Kösmak to make the same one .They wanted Kösmak to make some new things and some differences which was not in the machine which has comen from abroad. Kösmak made one fiber blowing machine to this fiber optic cable producer company. Kösmak makes new machine with feedback from this company and used on his own design on this first machine,  of course  there are some  mistakes on this machine, but user’s likes this machine because this machine is more powerful on combating hard  land conditions on areas.

After this new machine is using in the area for years ,TURKISH TELECOM COMPANY likes our cable blowing machine. This company is the government’s company and they were  making tenders  giving jobs about fiber optic cable all over Turkey. They put as a rule on this tenders that user’s must use Kösmak’s cable blowing machine in all projects not need to buy a cable blowing machine abroad.After this rule our machine is known all over Turkey and all user’s started to use our blowing machines.All fiber in Turkey is blown with Kösmak’s cable blowing machines. Kösmak machine makes developments on cable blowing machine with feedback from lots of user’s. Kösmak’s FOK  machine and knowledge about cable blowing technology is emerged like that as this knowledge Kösmak makes different cable blowing machines for different cables and ducts. Also we make some tools using in cable blowing technology. Kösmak started to cable blowing machines all over the World since 2009. Kösmak sold more than one thousand cable blowing machines and tools all over the World.


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Global Cable Blowing Machine

A cable blowing machine (also known as a fiber blowing machine) is a machine designed to fit fiber optic cables into telecommunication ducts and microducts with the use of compressed air or water.

According to this study, over the next five years the Cable Blowing Machine market will register a xx% KOSMAK in terms of revenue, the global market size will reach US$ xx million by 2023, from US$ xx million in 2017. In particular, this report presents the global market share (sales and revenue) of key companies in Cable Blowing Machine business, shared in Chapter 3.

This report presents a comprehensive overview, market shares, and growth opportunities of Cable Blowing Machine market by product type, application, key manufacturers and key regions and countries.

This study considers the Cable Blowing Machine value and volume generated from the sales of the following segments:

Segmentation by product type: breakdown data from 2013 to 2018, in Section 2.3; and forecast to 2023 in section 11.7.

Hydraulically powered

Pneumatically powered

Segmentation by application: breakdown data from 2013 to 2018, in Section 2.4; and forecast to 2023 in section 11.8.

Fiber Installation

Fiber Repair

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Fiber Cable Blowing Machines

Fiber Cable Blowing Machines

This machine consists of a system for receiving and supplying compressed air to the pipe with the ability to supply optical cables with a diameter of 6 to 32 mm at a speed of up to 90 m / min, as well as a device for stretching the optical cable.

Compressed air is fed into the pipe according to the aerodynamic principle, and then the hydraulic cable feed system controls the process of its supply to the pipe. The electronic control system allows you to display data about the speed, distance of blowing, and information about the presence of any blockages inside the pipe.

The cable pushing machine is designed from anti-corrosion materials, equipped with a metal cart with wheels for movement, which is stable on the surface, allows you to adjust the height, and makes the process of working on this equipment more maneuverable and convenient. The hydraulic system is equipped with a gasoline engine.

A special feature of the machine is the use of a hydraulic drive for the cable feed device. If it is difficult to pass or block the cable in the pipe, the cable-pulling mechanism automatically stops working. The hydraulic drive makes it possible to blow out heavy cables.

To work with different cable and pipe diameters, the cable blowing machine is equipped with replaceable sets of the collet for cable and pipe. O-rings are additionally selected for the cable.

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Cable Blowing Machine

Cable Blowing Machine

With the development of the latest technology, the speed of the Internet has been a problem. And for those who offer special services at special or Govt. The industry has to have a high-speed network. That’s why people started using the optical cable. This cable has a variety of features and can be very useful as it transmits data from fiber cables made of glass fibers. Now, when you choose to plug in the optical cable, you need to find an organization that can provide you with a quality fiber optic cable blowing machine.

This is the most important equipment required during cable assembly. It helps protect your cable from damage, but it still allows you to install it easily and quickly. Fok Machine are so also available for micro fiber cable; This is usually known as the micro channels.

When you try to find the appropriate blower machine according to your need, you will need to search for the appropriate equipment used for the blowers. For the fiber optic cable blowing machine, there are various equipment available and can be used according to the following requirements: cable packages, Y connectors, Channel packs, pumps and indicators etc. You should also compare the price in the market before buying them. Get what suits your budget and get the quality you need. So do some research and get the best for your networking work. Fiber OFC Blowing Machine.

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Cable Blowing Machine Turkey

Cable Blowing Turkey

Our standard Cable Blowing Machine Turkey production is for 40 mm duct dia. We can produce regulating parts for various diametres.These parts can be used for
less diametres. For higher duct diametres exit box duct diameter must be lathed for your duct diameter.
You will need different regulating parts for different diametres. You must inform your duct diameter with your order. (Our prices doesn’t include regulating parts’ prices)
We have four types of machines for cable diameters.These standard cable diameter ranges are noted below.You must inform your
cable diameter and diameter range with your order.We can send you spare parts for your various cable diameters(pallette etc.).(Our
machine’s price doesn’t include these extra spare parts.)
NOTE: This enumeration (see below) is just for classify. That we can produce our  Cable Blowing Machine Turkey for different cable diametres.

FOK : Fibre Optical Cable blowing machine
CONTROL : By technician
NEEDED AIR : 10.5 bar 12 m³/min.(duct 40 hdp)
AIR ENGINE : Double effective, 740 watt (2 pieces)
NEEDED AIR FOR ENGINES : 6 Bar-1.6m³/min.
LAY DOWN POWER : 80~85 Kg.
DIMENSIONS (width x length x height) : 365mm x 330mm x 540mm

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Cable Blowing Machine Kosmak

The cable blowing machine “Kosmak”, consisting of air box and pusher, was developed to offer an effective and safe method for the installation of microtubes. The system works on the principle of viscosity resistance using compressed air to install the pipes, which are controlled and supported by a belt system.
The tubes are driven with compressed air, which is fed into the channel according to a Venturi principle, while the hydraulically driven belt drive system controls the microtubes. The electronic monitoring system enables speed and distance to be read, protects against channel blockages and has an emergency stop device.
The system is mounted on a robust, height-adjustable tubular steel trolley with corrosion-protected wheels. This allows the device to be rolled around on site. The cable blowing machine system can also be removed from the cart. The petrol-powered power supply unit supplies electricity. The device is CE certified.

Main features

Combined display of length and speed
Hydraulic pressure / air pressure display
Different combinations of tube configurations with interchangeable collets
Adjustable pressure and speed
Auto-stop function with built-in air stone
Single operation
Digital display cable blowing machine and of speed and length
Adjustable chain drive tensioner
Liftable chains for easy tube insertion
System pressure relief valve
Low maintenance
Low noise level

Microtube diameter 7/10/12 mm
Pipe size (outside diameter) 25 – 63 mm
Laying speed (adjustable) 0 – 60 m / min
Max. Air pressure 12 – 15 bar
Dimensions: 905 x 495 x 1295 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 103 kg
scope of delivery

Microtube blowing machine “Tornado”
Hydraulic unit with 2x7m hoses
1 unit – tube bundle kit
1 set of collets
1 set of collets

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Cable blowing machine market share

The global cable blowing machine market includes comprehensive and insightful information in the report that takes into account various factors such as competition, regional growth, segmentation and size of the cable blowing machine market by value and volume. This is an excellent researchs study specially designed to provide the latest insights on critical aspects of the cable blowing machine market. The report includes various market forecasts related to market size, production, sales, consumption, CAGR, gross margin, price and other key factors. It was created using best-in-class primary and secondary research methods and tools.

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Cable Blowing

Cable Blowing

The report provides insightful data on key sectors of the global cable blowing machine. The report has segmented the market by its types and uses. Each segment was fully analyzed based on its production, consumption and income. In addition, it is classified based on geographic areas that include: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, and Africas.

The study of the cable blowing machine market provides a complete report of the changing market trends for this market. It offers the market size and the share of each segment in the market. Many companies are active in this market. The top players are fully portrayed in this report.

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