Our standard  Ofc Blowing Machine production is for 40 mm duct dia. We can produce regulating parts for various diametres.These parts can be used for
less diametres. For higher duct diametres exit box duct diameter must be lathed for your duct diameter.
You will need different regulating parts for different diametres. You must inform your duct diameter with your order. (Our price
doesn’t include regulating parts’ prices)

Ofc Blowing Machine Diameter;
We have four types of machines for cable diameters.These standard cable diameter ranges are noted below.You must inform your
cable diameter and diameter range with your order.We can send you spare parts for your various cable diameters(pallette etc.).(Our
machine’s price doesn’t include these extra spare parts.)
NOTE: This enumeration (see below) is just for classify. That we can produce our machine for different cable diametres.
1) Diameter 9-14 2) Diameter 14-20

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