Characteristics of cable blowing machines

User-friendly design: Cable blowing machine has a simple design that makes it very easy to operate. The machine is designed with the main premise of functionality that makes cable blowing easy.

Effective blowing: blowing micro ducts into conduits-SUBCONDUCT. Cable blowing machine is a very effective cable blowing machine ideal for blowing microducts in tubes being able to blow multiple microducts at once, as well as blowing cables through larger ducts such as Tritubes. The machine is capable of blowing different combinations of tubes and micro ductwork.

Cable blowing using air or water: With a cable blowing machine it is possible to install micro ducts and fiber optic cables using both air and water. Higher pressures can be achieved in wire blowing with the help of water, which is particularly advantageous when multiple micro ducting or larger cables are installed at the same time.

Robust: Cable blowing machine has been built robustly taking into account the special conditions that sometimes exist in the place where the cable is blown.

Versatile: Cable blowing machine is very versatile as it is suitable for both micro ducting and large fiber cables. In addition the machine can be quickly adapted to blow various sizes and number of micro ducts. There is a wide variety of possible sizes and combinations in order to adapt to the sizes required in each case. Possibility to stop the machine before the cable is damaged.