Fiber Cable Blowing Machines

This machine consists of a system for receiving and supplying compressed air to the pipe with the ability to supply optical cables with a diameter of 6 to 32 mm at a speed of up to 90 m / min, as well as a device for stretching the optical cable.

Compressed air is fed into the pipe according to the aerodynamic principle, and then the hydraulic cable feed system controls the process of its supply to the pipe. The electronic control system allows you to display data about the speed, distance of blowing, and information about the presence of any blockages inside the pipe.

The cable pushing machine is designed from anti-corrosion materials, equipped with a metal cart with wheels for movement, which is stable on the surface, allows you to adjust the height, and makes the process of working on this equipment more maneuverable and convenient. The hydraulic system is equipped with a gasoline engine.

A special feature of the machine is the use of a hydraulic drive for the cable feed device. If it is difficult to pass or block the cable in the pipe, the cable-pulling mechanism automatically stops working. The hydraulic drive makes it possible to blow out heavy cables.

To work with different cable and pipe diameters, the cable blowing machine is equipped with replaceable sets of the collet for cable and pipe. O-rings are additionally selected for the cable.