Fiber optic cable blowing machines

A fiber optic cable blowing machine is otherwise known as a cable blowing machine. This machine is designed to get fiber cables in ducts and micro ducts used in the telecommunication field. Used in the telecommunication field, these machines come in handy especially in cost reduction aspect. Different machines cater to different sized cables. So, according to how much you need and what width you need, you need to buy your machine accordingly.

How Does a Fiber Optic Cable Blowing Machine Operate?

A fiber optic cable blowing machine usually has seven parts that enable it to operate correctly. A lubrication and adjustment system, a cable guidance system, a base plate, a cable counter system in meters, a compressed air connection system, a blowing head part and lastly, a belt feeder system. These machines are either pneumatically powered or hydraulically powered. They are differentiated according to the cable diameter that they work on. So, if the cables you want to operate on are very thin cables, it is advised that you look into that when it comes to purchasing your cable blowing machine. Machines come in very handy for daily use and they help to cut back on expenses and they also get the job done flawlessly.