A hydraulic cable blowing machine consists of two additional parts. A hydraulic power pack that provides the power the cable feeding unit needs in order to provide power properly. The cable feeding unit can not work without the hydraulic power pack. The cable feeding unit is the main component of these type of machines. It pushes the cable into the certain duct. there are plenty of different cable blowing machine types and capacities, so before making you make your purchase, make sure to do your research thoroughly and pick the correct one for your and your business’ needs. If your cables are on the thinner side, you need to buy a machine with a thinner diameter. As opposed to a machine with thicker diameter, if your cables are on the thicker side.

What Is A Hydraulic Cable Blowing Machine?

A hydraulic cable blowing machine is one of the two types of cable blowing machines. The other is a pneumatic cable blowing machine that operates with compressed air as opposed to water. A water or a pneumatic cable blowing machine is needed in order to fit fiber optic cables into micro ducts or regular ducts of telecommunication cables. A water powered machine has two additional compartments as opposed to a pneumatic one.