Cable Blowing MachineCable Blowing MachineCable Blowing Machine
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Cable Blowing MachineCable Blowing MachineCable Blowing Machine

HYDRAULIC CABLE & TUBE Cable Blowing Machine


  • HIDROFOK is designed to blow cable and tubes in ducts.
  • You need to change palette group and some parts to modify machine from tube blowing to cable blowing or reverse.
  • HIDROFOKis working with hydraulic power unit because motors on HIDROFOK are working with compressed hydraulic oil.
  • You can use KOSMAK’s hydraulic power unit with HIDROFOK.
  • Hydraulic motors are making this machine powerfull then FOK design also in HIDROFOK all air is sending in duct so that Cable blowing machine  with HIDROFOK is easier then blowing with FOK(in FOK machine some of the air is using in air motors).By the power of HIDROFOK you can blow bigger diameter cables and lot’s of tubes together.
  • There are some disadvantages of HIDROFOK by the side of Fok design.This machine is using with hydraulic power unit (only compressor is enough in FOK machine),heavier then FOK and bigger then FOK.

Fibre Optic Cable Diameters;

You need to change palette group  and some parts to change machines cable  diameter range.

1) Diameter  9mm-14mm                     2) Diameter 14mm-20mm                     3) Diameter  20mm-25mm

Tube Diameters and Quantity;

You need to give us information about diameter of tubes and quantity of tubes that you want to blow in one time.There are some examples at below.

1) Tube Dia.=12mm / Quantity=4                   2) Tube Dia.=6mm / Quantity=7

Duct Diameters;

In standart HIDROFOK machine duct diameter is 50mm.We are producing tools for different duct diameters which is ordered from users.


HIDROFOK                                                                               : Hydraulic Fibre Optical Cable blowing machine 

CONTROL                                                                                      : By technician

NEEDED AIR                                                                                  : 12 bar 10 m³/min.(minimum)

HYDRAULIC MOTORS                                                                 : Double effective, 57 newton meter (2 pieces)

NEEDED OİL FOR MOTORS                                                         : 20 liter/min.

CABLE and TUBE BLOWING VELOCITY                                   :15 meter / minute

DIMENSIONS (width x length x height)                                         :125cm*94cm*78cm (hıdrofok and hıdraulic power  unit together)

WEIGHT OF MACHINE                                                                 : 155kg (hıdrofok and hıdraulic power  unit  together)

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