Key Specifications of fiber optic cable blowing machine

Fiber optic cable blowing machine are totally professional tools for air blown via fiber micro cables. The most known advantages of that machine are their patented building and design and production technology. The customers can jet more than 5.000 meters of cable in one piece.

Flexibility is the working range of the machine that allows the cable blowing machine from a diameter of 1 mm to 16 mm.

Reliability-the machine is very reliable because: it has a unique design, is very accurate, the most advanced production technology, the best selection, and quality materials, a lot of dirt-resistant bearings. Since the beginning of production, we have not received any complaints.

Speed-the machine is capable of approximate blowing. 100 m of cable per minute.

Power (force); with the arrangement of profiled rollers that girdle the cable by 90%, we can press it with great force and speed at the same time avoid slipping the cable or even its rubbing (damaged) or breaking. In addition, each of the Rolls has its own drive, which is passed through the pneumatic motor of the gear.

The optical cable is inserted via a system of profile rollers, depending on its external diameter. Each roller is equipped with a drive driven through gears and a chain.