Cable Blowing MachineCable Blowing MachineCable Blowing Machine
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Cable Blowing MachineCable Blowing MachineCable Blowing Machine

Kosmak’s History On Cable Blowing Machine


Kösmak machine is producing fiber optic cable blowing machines since 1999, firstly started to interest this machines by the request from a big fiber optic cable producer company in Turkey. This fiber optic cable producer company has bought a fiber optic cable blowing machine from a company from abroad.It can be Europa or any other place we do not know exactly,  but this fiber optic cable  producer company did not like this machine and this factory wants from ‘’Kösmak machine’’ to make more efficiently machine. Firstly the problem of this machine is the the material of  the pallets  (Note=pallets are using to push  the fiber optic cable  forward) The material of  the pallets was  iron on the machine  which has comen  from abroad. This iron pallets was making difficulties while cable blowing .When the cable can not go easily in duct  ,this iron belts was taking out the armor on the fiber optic  cable easily because of that fiber optic cable is damaging and needs to take out fiber from duct. Kösmak has changed this iron pallettes to the rubber coated pallettes. This rubber is very special to not to make any harmful while the cable blowing into the duct , after making this rubber coated pallettes to the fiber optic cable blowing machine ,which has comen from abroad ,This fiber optic cable producer company want Kösmak to make a new machine.This company did not want Kösmak to make the same one .They wanted Kösmak to make some new things and some differences which was not in the machine which has comen from abroad. Kösmak made one fiber blowing machine to this fiber optic cable producer company. Kösmak makes new machine with feedback from this company and used on his own design on this first machine,  of course  there are some  mistakes on this machine, but user’s likes this machine because this machine is more powerful on combating hard  land conditions on areas.

After this new machine is using in the area for years ,TURKISH TELECOM COMPANY likes our cable blowing machine. This company is the government’s company and they were  making tenders  giving jobs about fiber optic cable all over Turkey. They put as a rule on this tenders that user’s must use Kösmak’s cable blowing machine in all projects not need to buy a cable blowing machine abroad.After this rule our machine is known all over Turkey and all user’s started to use our blowing machines.All fiber in Turkey is blown with Kösmak’s cable blowing machines. Kösmak machine makes developments on cable blowing machine with feedback from lots of user’s. Kösmak’s FOK  machine and knowledge about cable blowing technology is emerged like that as this knowledge Kösmak makes different cable blowing machines for different cables and ducts. Also we make some tools using in cable blowing technology. Kösmak started to cable blowing machines all over the World since 2009. Kösmak sold more than one thousand cable blowing machines and tools all over the World.


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