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FOK – Fıber Optıc Cable Blowıng Machıne

FOK – Fiber Optic Cable Blowing machine

We need to learn cable diameters and duct diameters before starting to prepare your cable blowing machine

Cable diameter can be in the range of 9-14mm or 14-18 mm. If you want it can be together in one machine by tools.

Duct diameter can be in the range of 20 mm to 50 mm.

FOK                                                                           : Fibre Optical Cable Blowing Machine

Control                                                                   : By technician

Needed Air to blow cable                                   : 12 bar 10 m³/min.

Cable blowing speed                                           : 50 meter in one minute.

Cable pushing force                                              : 80 Kg.

Dimensions (width x length x height)             : 37cm x 40cm x 59cm

Weight                                                                 : 46kg



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