Cable Blowing Machines

Cable Blowing Machine

A cable blowing machine is a machine type product that is designed specifically in order to fit cables into certain micro ducts and regular ducts. It works once you have the cable is placed into the ducts and micro ducts, when the cable gets put into a blower head. The blower head then gets connected to the specific duct using a valve. With micro ducts, the cable is blown in with the help of water or compressed air. These machines have been used since 1990s, but the development with this field is remarkable, the old machines look vintage at this point.

In What Field a Cable Blowing Machine Is Used?

A cable blowing machine is usually used in the ever growing telecommunication field. These machines make it easier for the company to complete an otherwise very difficult activity with ease and lesser man power. Machines give us flexibility, better quality and requires less manual labor which causes certain monetary benefits to your company. Different motor types that come with this machine enable a wide range of products useful in different areas. Finishing work has never been easier with the help of brand new, high technology, easy to operate machines.


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