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HIDROFOK – Cable & Tube Blowıng Machone woth Hydrauloc Power Unıt

Hidrofok is designed to blow cable and tubes in ducts.

Hidrofok is working with hydraulic power unit because motors on hidrofok are working with pressurized hydraulic oil.

Hydraulic motors are making Hidrofok more powerfull then Fok design ,because hydraulic motors are more powerful then air motors in FOK also in Hidrofok all air is sending in duct but in Fok some air is using in air motor.

HIDROFOK                                                              : Hydraulic Fibre Optical Cable blowing machine

Control                                                                   : By technician

Needed Air to blow cable                                   : 12 bar 10 m³/min.

Cable blowing speed                                           : 50 meter in one minute.

Cable pushing force                                              : 150 Kg.

Dimensions (width x length x height)               : 75 cm x 75 cm x 120 cm

Weight(with hydraulicpower unit)                    : 120 kg


    Construction date: 2019
    Location: Turkey
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