Mıkro FOK Cable Blowing Machine

Mikro FOK Cable Blowing Machine

MICRO FOK  is designed and produced by KOSMAK MACHINE with  desires from users. You can depend on the same KÖSMAK  quality as our larger machines in a new smaller package.

The Microfok cable blowing machine installs microcable and its versatility saves you money.

The design of the Microfok provides for quick and easy component changes for different cable or duct sizes.

Its compact size and portable maneuverability make the Microfok is ideally suited for either outside or in-building use.

The Mikrofok uses compressed air to install the cable. The drive roller, powered byair motors

Cable pusher rolls can change easily.One air inlet from compressor with quick connection

Quick connection part is giving with machine. Easily changeable for different  cables

Easily changeable for different ducts.

Mıcro Fok                                           Mıcro Fıber Optic Cable Blowıng Machıne

Control                                               Technician

Cable diameter                                  3mm-6mm

Duct  diameter                                   Changeable by tools

Dimensions  of  Machine                   35 cm * 30 cm * 45 cm

Weight of Machine                            18 kg

Needed air                                         Minimum 12 bar  – 1 meter cup  / minute.

Cable installing velocity                    0-80meter/minute

Direction                                           Forward and backward



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