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MINIFOK – Mını Fıber Optıc Cable Blowıng Machıne

We need to learn cable diameters and duct diameters before starting to prepare your cable blowing machines.

Cable diameter can be in the range of 4-8mm or 8-12mm.If you want it can be together in one machine by tools.

Duct diameter can be in the range of 8 mm to 42 mm.

MINIFOK                                                                  : Mini Fibre Optical Cable blowing machine

Control                                                                   : By technician

Needed Air to blow cable                                   : 12 bar 1 m³/min.

Cable blowing speed                                           : 50 meter in one minute.

More Than 100 MiniFok Machines to ITALY FAR s.r.l.



    Construction date: 2019
    Location: Turkey
    Investors website: kosmak.com
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