HYDRAULIC CABLE & TUBE Cable Blowing Machine


  • HIDROFOK is designed to blow cable and tubes in ducts.
  • You need to change palette group and some parts to modify machine from tube blowing to cable blowing or reverse.
  • HIDROFOKis working with hydraulic power unit because motors on HIDROFOK are working with compressed hydraulic oil.
  • You can use KOSMAK’s hydraulic power unit with HIDROFOK.
  • Hydraulic motors are making this machine powerfull then FOK design also in HIDROFOK all air is sending in duct so that Cable blowing machine  with HIDROFOK is easier then blowing with FOK(in FOK machine some of the air is using in air motors).By the power of HIDROFOK you can blow bigger diameter cables and lot’s of tubes together.
  • There are some disadvantages of HIDROFOK by the side of Fok design.This machine is using with hydraulic power unit (only compressor is enough in FOK machine),heavier then FOK and bigger then FOK.

Fibre Optic Cable Diameters;

You need to change palette group  and some parts to change machines cable  diameter range.

1) Diameter  9mm-14mm                     2) Diameter 14mm-20mm                     3) Diameter  20mm-25mm

Tube Diameters and Quantity;

You need to give us information about diameter of tubes and quantity of tubes that you want to blow in one time.There are some examples at below.

1) Tube Dia.=12mm / Quantity=4                   2) Tube Dia.=6mm / Quantity=7

Duct Diameters;

In standart HIDROFOK machine duct diameter is 50mm.We are producing tools for different duct diameters which is ordered from users.


HIDROFOK                                                                               : Hydraulic Fibre Optical Cable blowing machine 

CONTROL                                                                                      : By technician

NEEDED AIR                                                                                  : 12 bar 10 m³/min.(minimum)

HYDRAULIC MOTORS                                                                 : Double effective, 57 newton meter (2 pieces)

NEEDED OİL FOR MOTORS                                                         : 20 liter/min.

CABLE and TUBE BLOWING VELOCITY                                   :15 meter / minute

DIMENSIONS (width x length x height)                                         :125cm*94cm*78cm (hıdrofok and hıdraulic power  unit together)

WEIGHT OF MACHINE                                                                 : 155kg (hıdrofok and hıdraulic power  unit  together)

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Kosmak’s History On Cable Blowing Machine


Kösmak machine is producing fiber optic cable blowing machines since 1999, firstly started to interest this machines by the request from a big fiber optic cable producer company in Turkey. This fiber optic cable producer company has bought a fiber optic cable blowing machine from a company from abroad.It can be Europa or any other place we do not know exactly,  but this fiber optic cable  producer company did not like this machine and this factory wants from ‘’Kösmak machine’’ to make more efficiently machine. Firstly the problem of this machine is the the material of  the pallets  (Note=pallets are using to push  the fiber optic cable  forward) The material of  the pallets was  iron on the machine  which has comen  from abroad. This iron pallets was making difficulties while cable blowing .When the cable can not go easily in duct  ,this iron belts was taking out the armor on the fiber optic  cable easily because of that fiber optic cable is damaging and needs to take out fiber from duct. Kösmak has changed this iron pallettes to the rubber coated pallettes. This rubber is very special to not to make any harmful while the cable blowing into the duct , after making this rubber coated pallettes to the fiber optic cable blowing machine ,which has comen from abroad ,This fiber optic cable producer company want Kösmak to make a new machine.This company did not want Kösmak to make the same one .They wanted Kösmak to make some new things and some differences which was not in the machine which has comen from abroad. Kösmak made one fiber blowing machine to this fiber optic cable producer company. Kösmak makes new machine with feedback from this company and used on his own design on this first machine,  of course  there are some  mistakes on this machine, but user’s likes this machine because this machine is more powerful on combating hard  land conditions on areas.

After this new machine is using in the area for years ,TURKISH TELECOM COMPANY likes our cable blowing machine. This company is the government’s company and they were  making tenders  giving jobs about fiber optic cable all over Turkey. They put as a rule on this tenders that user’s must use Kösmak’s cable blowing machine in all projects not need to buy a cable blowing machine abroad.After this rule our machine is known all over Turkey and all user’s started to use our blowing machines.All fiber in Turkey is blown with Kösmak’s cable blowing machines. Kösmak machine makes developments on cable blowing machine with feedback from lots of user’s. Kösmak’s FOK  machine and knowledge about cable blowing technology is emerged like that as this knowledge Kösmak makes different cable blowing machines for different cables and ducts. Also we make some tools using in cable blowing technology. Kösmak started to cable blowing machines all over the World since 2009. Kösmak sold more than one thousand cable blowing machines and tools all over the World.


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Hydraulic cable blowing machine Kosmak

A hydraulic cable blowing machine consists of two additional parts. A hydraulic power pack that provides the power the cable feeding unit needs in order to provide power properly. The cable feeding unit can not work without the hydraulic power pack. The cable feeding unit is the main component of these type of machines. It pushes the cable into the certain duct. there are plenty of different cable blowing machine types and capacities, so before making you make your purchase, make sure to do your research thoroughly and pick the correct one for your and your business’ needs. If your cables are on the thinner side, you need to buy a machine with a thinner diameter. As opposed to a machine with thicker diameter, if your cables are on the thicker side.

What Is A Hydraulic Cable Blowing Machine?

A hydraulic cable blowing machine is one of the two types of cable blowing machines. The other is a pneumatic cable blowing machine that operates with compressed air as opposed to water. A water or a pneumatic cable blowing machine is needed in order to fit fiber optic cables into micro ducts or regular ducts of telecommunication cables. A water powered machine has two additional compartments as opposed to a pneumatic one.

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Fiber optic cable blowing machines

Fiber optic cable blowing machines

A fiber optic cable blowing machine is otherwise known as a cable blowing machine. This machine is designed to get fiber cables in ducts and micro ducts used in the telecommunication field. Used in the telecommunication field, these machines come in handy especially in cost reduction aspect. Different machines cater to different sized cables. So, according to how much you need and what width you need, you need to buy your machine accordingly.

How Does a Fiber Optic Cable Blowing Machine Operate?

A fiber optic cable blowing machine usually has seven parts that enable it to operate correctly. A lubrication and adjustment system, a cable guidance system, a base plate, a cable counter system in meters, a compressed air connection system, a blowing head part and lastly, a belt feeder system. These machines are either pneumatically powered or hydraulically powered. They are differentiated according to the cable diameter that they work on. So, if the cables you want to operate on are very thin cables, it is advised that you look into that when it comes to purchasing your cable blowing machine. Machines come in very handy for daily use and they help to cut back on expenses and they also get the job done flawlessly.

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Cable Blowing Machine Types

Cable Blowing Machine Types

There are two cable blowing machine types. One of the two types is a hydraulic cable blowing machine, it powers with water and has two additional compartments to it. The other type of cable blowing machines is a pneumatic cable blowing machine that operates with compressed air as opposed to water. A hydraulic or a pneumatic cable blowing machine is needed in order to fit fiber optic cables into micro ducts or regular sized ducts of cables that are to be used in the telecommunication field. A cable blowing machine will maximize the efficiency of your business.

Cable Blowing Machine Diameters

Another way to differentiate between cable blowing machine types is when we look into the diameter of the machine. The diameter of the capacity a cable blowing machine ranges between 6 millimeters to 32 millimeters, which is between 0.25 to 1.25 inches. The speed of the cable blowing is also another factor when it comes to installing the cable. An example of speed is 90 meters per minute, which is 300 feet per minute. The diameter in which the machine operates is one of the key factors that should be looked into when buying a cable blowing machine.

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What Does A Cable Blowing Machine Do?

Cable Blowing Machine

Cable blowing machine are useful machinery that are commonly used in telecommunication area. These machines make it much easier to get a job nicely done. With the use of machinery, lesser man power is needed, therefore although it will be a little costly at first, looking at the bigger picture, much less money is wasted, which accounts to bigger profit margin. These machines have been around since the 1990s and their development is uncanny. The modern designs and the flexibility they provide is amazing. Machines give us less manual labor and better quality overall.

What Does A Cable Blowing Machine Do?

Cable blowing machines are designed to fit cables into micro ducts and regular ducts. After the cable has been placed within the micro ducts or regular sized ducts, the cable is put into the blower head, which then gets connected to the chosen duct with the help of a valve. When using micro ducts, the cable gets blown in using compressed air or water. There are different motor types with these machines. The different motor types make it possible for the customer to use with a wide range of cables. Getting work done is easier than ever with these machines.

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Cable Blowing Machine Benefits

Cable Blowing Machine Benefits

There are many things to talk about when discussing cable blowing machine benefits. Blowing cables with water or air pressure is not an easy task. It would be nearly impossible to blow cables flawlessly with manual labor, not to mention how slow it would be. With a cable blowing machine, it is made fast, effortless and perfect. You can choose the diameter of the cable when buying the machine, buy one that caters to the speed you like and the rest is easy, as the machine does it all, fast and easy. There are many things to be cautious about when buying a cable blowing machine, once you find the perfect one, the rest is easy.

Benefits of Machines

Ever since the invention of machines, life as we know it has never been the same. As businesses chose to mechanical route in their businesses, they greatly benefited in monetary terms especially. Business also became faster, more efficient and the end product ended up being a lot more well made and better quality overall. Jobs that would be really cumbersome to achieve with manual labor became easier to manage and faster. Cable blowing machine are the same as the benefits of any other machine, without being time consuming and with too much effort, this machine gets things done.

Cable Blowing Machine Design

A cable blowing machine design consists of seven parts to operate normally. These parts are a lubrication and adjustment system, a cable guidance system, a base plate, a cable counter system in meters, a compressed air connection system, a blowing head part and lastly, a belt feeder system. Cable blowing machines are either pneumatically powered or hydraulically powered. When you are picking a cable blowing machine, the diameter of cable they can work on is really important as this is how they are differentiated.

Cable Blowing Machine Components

A cable blowing machine has several parts that make is work efficiently. The belt feeder works to move the cables toward the head. The head ensures the duct is securely fitted into the cable to be blown. The head also supplies water or air to the duct or micro duct. The machine’s subsystems are mounted on the base plate. The cable guidance system consists of rolls and brushes that guide the cable toward the blowing head part. Connections that work for supplying water or air safely to the cable blowing machine. The control unit allows the controlling of the speed. The meter counter shows the length of the cable which is blown.


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Characteristics of cable blowing machines

Characteristics of cable blowing machines

User-friendly design: Cable blowing machine has a simple design that makes it very easy to operate. The machine is designed with the main premise of functionality that makes cable blowing easy.

Effective blowing: blowing micro ducts into conduits-SUBCONDUCT. Cable blowing machine is a very effective cable blowing machine ideal for blowing microducts in tubes being able to blow multiple microducts at once, as well as blowing cables through larger ducts such as Tritubes. The machine is capable of blowing different combinations of tubes and micro ductwork.

Cable blowing using air or water: With a cable blowing machine it is possible to install micro ducts and fiber optic cables using both air and water. Higher pressures can be achieved in wire blowing with the help of water, which is particularly advantageous when multiple micro ducting or larger cables are installed at the same time.

Robust: Cable blowing machine has been built robustly taking into account the special conditions that sometimes exist in the place where the cable is blown.

Versatile: Cable blowing machine is very versatile as it is suitable for both micro ducting and large fiber cables. In addition the machine can be quickly adapted to blow various sizes and number of micro ducts. There is a wide variety of possible sizes and combinations in order to adapt to the sizes required in each case. Possibility to stop the machine before the cable is damaged.

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Fiber Cable Blowing Machines

Fiber Cable Blowing Machines

This machine consists of a system for receiving and supplying compressed air to the pipe with the ability to supply optical cables with a diameter of 6 to 32 mm at a speed of up to 90 m / min, as well as a device for stretching the optical cable.

Compressed air is fed into the pipe according to the aerodynamic principle, and then the hydraulic cable feed system controls the process of its supply to the pipe. The electronic control system allows you to display data about the speed, distance of blowing, and information about the presence of any blockages inside the pipe.

The cable pushing machine is designed from anti-corrosion materials, equipped with a metal cart with wheels for movement, which is stable on the surface, allows you to adjust the height, and makes the process of working on this equipment more maneuverable and convenient. The hydraulic system is equipped with a gasoline engine.

A special feature of the machine is the use of a hydraulic drive for the cable feed device. If it is difficult to pass or block the cable in the pipe, the cable-pulling mechanism automatically stops working. The hydraulic drive makes it possible to blow out heavy cables.

To work with different cable and pipe diameters, the cable blowing machine is equipped with replaceable sets of the collet for cable and pipe. O-rings are additionally selected for the cable.

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Cable Blowing Machine System

Cable Blowing Machine System

A cable pushing machine (fiber blowing system) is a tool designed to store fiber optic cables into telecommunications mechanisms using compressed air or water.

Cable blowing machine (fiber blowing system) includes of the following components:

  • The head, which guarantees the safe installation of the tube, in which the cable will be carried out and the delivery of the medium (air or water) to the tube.
  • A cable inserted into a tube through the head passes through a sealing system that prevents the medium from entering the machine.
  • Belt eater, which moves the cable to the head.
  • Base plate or frame on which the blowing machine subsystems are installed.
  • Cable guide, which is a system of bushes or rolls leading the cable to the blowing head
  • Air or water connections that supply the environment reliably to the blowing machine.
  • Meter counter, which shows the length (sometimes also the speed) of the carried out cable.
  • A control unit that allows you to control the speed of the cable insert and the power of the consumer’s promotion.

Cable blowing machines applicable for cables of external diameter above 10 mm, micro-cable blowing machines for micro-cables of external diameters below 10 mm.

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