OFC Cable Blowing Machine

A ofc cable blowing machine takes compressed air from the processor or compressor and transmits the compressed air to the pipe and motor, thus activating the belt system in the engine. The air comes to the air motor and therefore the machine starts blowing cables through air. Air motors are strong motors powered with the help of compressed air. They enable powerful cable blowing. When you are buying an air compression cable blowing machine, make sure to check the diameter the machine supports in order to have the exact size you want out of the machine.

What Is A Ofc Cable Blowing Machine?

A ofc cable blowing machine is one of the two types of cable blowing machines. The other is a hydraulic cable blowing machine that operates with water as opposed to compressed air. An air compressed or a hydraulic cable blowing machine is needed in order to fit fiber optic cables into micro ducts or regular ducts of telecommunication cables. Different cable blowing machine types and capacities are plenty, so make sure to do your research and pick the correct one for your and your business’ needs. If your cables are thin, you need to buy a machine with a thinner diameter.

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