Cable Blowing Machine

Cable blowing machine are useful machinery that are commonly used in telecommunication area. These machines make it much easier to get a job nicely done. With the use of machinery, lesser man power is needed, therefore although it will be a little costly at first, looking at the bigger picture, much less money is wasted, which accounts to bigger profit margin. These machines have been around since the 1990s and their development is uncanny. The modern designs and the flexibility they provide is amazing. Machines give us less manual labor and better quality overall.

What Does A Cable Blowing Machine Do?

Cable blowing machines are designed to fit cables into micro ducts and regular ducts. After the cable has been placed within the micro ducts or regular sized ducts, the cable is put into the blower head, which then gets connected to the chosen duct with the help of a valve. When using micro ducts, the cable gets blown in using compressed air or water. There are different motor types with these machines. The different motor types make it possible for the customer to use with a wide range of cables. Getting work done is easier than ever with these machines.