Cable Pushing Machine

A cable pushing machine , when paired with a cable pulling machine, reduces the stress on the cable, ensuring it does not break and goes off to packaging safely. The diameters of the cable you want to push plays a huge role when it comes to picking the right machine for you and your business. This machine only requires one person to operate, therefore you and your business will require lesser workers for manual labor. Manipulation of industrial cables that have a significantly large weight and length can be very stressing and difficult. This task is impossible to accomplish without using a cable pusher.

Where Is a Cable Pushing Machine Used?

A cable pushing machine is used in industrial cable handling. A cable pusher consists of two main systems: a power pack and a logic board. The power pack provides the electricity that the machine needs in order to operate. The power pack also provides hydraulic powder with pressurized water for the machine to push cables smoothly. A cable pusher is often used in underground work or trenches. A machine always comes in handy when the job required is too difficult or too time consuming to get done via manual labor.